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Alluvial Exploration

Prospect Solutions have over 10 years experience in alluvial gold exploration and mining in both NZ and Canada. 
Our Alluvial services include:
  • All tenement (permit) consulting services including:
    • Permit Applications, Transfers, and NZPAM Reporting.
    • Permit Assessment.
  • Stakeholder services including:
    • Identification of all landowners and DOC administered areas​.
    • Liaising, and organisation of landowner and DOC Access Agreements.
  • Design, implementation, and management of exploration programmes including:
    • On the ground mapping and evaluation of prospects​.
    • Data compilation, review, and target generation work.
    • Passive Seismic surveying for mapping the depth and geometry of the bedrock contact. 
      • See second image below for an example of a Passive Seismic cross-section. 
    • Design and implementation of test pitting programmes.
    • Design and implementation of drilling campaigns .
  • Resource definition and feasibility studies. 
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